gems and jewellery: the south african handbook

A first of its kind for the local diamond and jewellery industry, Gems and Jewellery: The South African Handbook is an all-inclusive introduction to gemstones, jewellery and store management.

Written by Dr Petré Prins, gemmologist and managing director of Prins & Prins Diamonds in Cape Town, it provides information which every jeweller requires on a daily basis, either as a quick reference guide or as a manual to assist with the identification and valuation of gems and jewellery.

“The modern jeweller is faced with challenges which his predecessors never dreamt of, such as new technologies and the Internet,” explains Prins. “In facing these challenges, he needs proper training in all aspects of his trade. Gems and Jewellery: The South African Handbook is a 30-year collection of information, guidance and ‘lessons learnt’.”

The book will not make the reader an expert in any of the topics it covers. It will, however, make him aware of the complexity of the issues, where to find more information and how to do business in the diamond and jewellery industry.

Filled with pertinent illustrations, it can also be used as a training manual for staff and universities. Published by Isikhova Publishing, Gems and Jewellery: The South African Handbook is available to the trade and public.

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